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Our Blog Space is designed with the intent to improve your canine education. Step in and learn something new! Constantly question your current training regime! We look forward to seeing more of you!

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How ANIMALS Saved My Life

Naomi Morawetz is an animal fanatic and has spent her entire life pursing her love of dogs. Now, a successful Border Collie Breeder, she wants to share her years of experience and built up knowledge with other dog fanatics!

How Animals Saved My Life  

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There’s no doubt about it. Border Collies have LOTS of energy. One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is begin teaching them to fetch, as soon as they arrive home. It is never too young to start teaching your puppy the art of fetching. Once mastered, as they are older dogs (age 2.5 and higher), you can quickly burn your dog’s energy by throwing this AMAZING toy for them! The design of the toy is such that when thrown, it will bounce in 7 directions unpredictably, allowing your dog to have an excellent workout while you have fun with them.
This toy can take a 1.5 hour walk and turn it into a 20 minute fetch game.
Give this toy a try and let us know how much your dog begs to play fetch!!