Benelli’s May 2021 Litter


Benelli has had her May 2021 Litter!

We are so excited to announce that this long awaited litter of puppies has arrived safely! We had a few complications and the delivery resulted in a C-Section. Mumma Benelli and her eight puppies are doing well. However, Benelli is exhausted and understandably sore.

This page will be updated with the full story of the delivery in time.

Currently I am making the care of Benelli and the puppies my priority. I will add photographs of the puppies and outline the journey from labour to delivery! It will be a great read I have no doubt!!!

The headline is that toward the end of the labour, Benelli developed “uterine inertia” and we had to take her to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic where we received exceptional care.

The night shift veterinarian successfully delivered the remaining puppies and I was able to bring Benelli back home the morning of May 6.

Check back later for an update on Benelli’s May 2021 Litter… the delivery story and photos!

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