Counting Sheep Kennels


Welcome to Counting Sheep Kennels! Our Kennel is a fully registered kennel with the Canadian Border Collie Association. We breed only purebred and registered Border Collie dogs.

Follow along as we have Puppies and Farm Adventures!

**Counting Sheep Kennels Puppy News**

If you are interested in one of our puppies:

  1. Please find your way to our application page ;
  2. Submit an application for review;
  3. Wait for your application to be reviewed;
  4. Contact [email protected] with any additional questions you may have.

**Any and all puppy placements are at our discretion with no exceptions**

**Breeding News**

…and exciting news!!! BENELLI IS PREGNANT! We got confirmation by way of ultrasound, yesterday. Please submit an application for consideration. In the photo below, there are three embryos visible. This doesn’t mean there are only three puppies, it means that is all that we captured in this one photo.
~April 9, 2021

pregnant dog ultrasound