Keep in mind that during our current pandemic (COVID-19) there are visiting and travel restrictions on any non-essential visiting. The FAQs reflect our CURRENT position on all questions.

Should you still have questions after reading this page, please contact Naomi and she will be happy to discuss your questions with you:

  1. Is visiting the kennel possible?
    This is a tricky question. While my farm mentality says an immediate, “YES!”, my scientific understanding and training of what is required for biosecurity says, “No”. The only way visiting our kennel will be tolerated is by appointment.
  2. Can I see the mother?
    This webpage is very new… and I am new to web design and management, but it is my goal to have a selection of YouTube videos available for your viewing pleasure. Benelli is currently our only female dog and as such will be the star of any YouTube shows. We have both Benelli and Whiskey (our stud dog) living on the farm with us and they are our devoted pets and working dogs. We have never met a single person who did not fall in love with both of them, immediately.
  3. Are the puppies registered?
    Any puppies born to our kennel are fully registerable with the Canadian Border Collie Association. Please note that registration papers are not sent out to new owners until proof of spay/neuter has been received.
  4. How old are your puppies when they go to their new homes?
    We keep all of our puppies to a minimum of eight (8) weeks of age. This is crucial for puppy development and will not be negotiated to an earlier release.
  5. Do the parents have a health certificate?
    Benelli has OFA hip assessment certificate and genetic testing. We will discuss this further with you upon receiving a puppy application.
  6. Can I see the whole litter?
    We encourage you to sign up to our Facebook Page where we post frequent (many times a week) live videos of any litter of puppies that are current. There are videos of past litters still available on our Facebook Page.
  7. Are the puppies vaccinated and dewormed?
    Our puppies are placed in homes after receiving their first vaccinations, deworming (age 3, 5 and 7 weeks), microchip and with a health guarantee and tracking booklet from our veterinarian.
  8. What are the temperaments of the parents?
    Benelli and Whiskey are both incredibly loving dogs. Benelli is cuddly and small. She is my pint sized bundle of fire as she is crazy fast, tenacious and has a work ethic second to none. She has the typical border collie fixations with things that move and needs a strong handler to keep on top of her obsession’s. Benelli is not a barker and she is an extremely loving and natural mother.

    Whiskey is a boisterous, bouncy and totally adorable bundle of energy. Whiskey loves to lie on top of you and watch the world go by. His favourite thing to do in the world is chase a tennis ball. Whiskey loves retrieving and his puppies excel in the agility and sporting ring. Whiskey loves to hug and spends lots of time on his hind legs so that he can look you in the eye. I can’t imagine my life without this guy!
  9. Do you have a contract?
    I absolutely do have a contract.
  10. What is your breeding experience?
    I attended the University of Guelph for a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Biology. My focus was on Nutrition, Breeding and Genetics of production animals. We have a close network of experienced breeding acquaintances that span the continent and I am always looking to increase my knowledge.
  11. What are you feeding the puppies?
    Our puppies are fed and go home with a puppy kit from “goFromm”. They are fed the Fromm Puppy Gold food.
  12. Can I call past buyers for reference?
    Absolutely. I encourage you to contact previous puppy owners. Please email me for references.
  13. Do you offer support?
    I offer lifetime support for your puppy and look forward to following the life of each puppy as they grow!
  14. What are you breeding goals?
    I intend to expand the kennel slowly, and my goal is to bring a dog or two in from international sources. I am interested in maintaining the workability of the Border Collie as well as beautiful temperaments.
  15. Do you breed back to back heat cycles for the females?
    I base the breeding decisions of my females on an individual basis. Litters are spaced according to the condition of the female. We have bred back-to-back heats but never three in a row and not more than five litters.
  16. Do you insist on a signed contract at time of purchase? Can I obtain one ahead of time?
    I do insist on a signed contract at the time of purchase. You can submit a puppy application and request a copy of the contract to read through the application.
  17. Are you willing to take back any puppy you produce for any reason? How long is the return policy?
    I have a lifelong return policy, no questions asked. I never want any of my dogs to end up in unwanted situations. If you cannot keep your puppy for ANY reason, we ask that it is returned to the kennel and we insist on first right of refusal in the contract.
  18. Have you ever had a puppy returned? If so, why and what happened to the puppy?
    We have had a puppy returned due to incompatibility with another dog in the house. This was within two days of bringing the puppy home. We accepted the puppy back no questions asked and it was subsequently placed in another home that has been the forever home for that puppy.
  19. To what extent are the puppies raised with their dam? With other dogs in the home?
    We have two adult dogs living at our home. The puppies live and sleep with their mother for the first 7 weeks of their life at which point in the last week they are living at our kennel, they sleep with their litter mates but their mother is allowed to sleep by herself to help with the weaning process. During the last week of the puppies being at the kennel, they spend their time with mom and dad at supervised intervals on a daily basis.
  20. How do you communicate with new puppy buyers during the 0-8 week period?
    The main way we communicate with everyone about puppies during weeks 0-8, is through Facebook. Please like the page and indicate that you want all notifications. Videos are uploaded multiple times a week by way of live interactions. This webpage is another resource for information and updates on your new family member so make sure you check the webpage daily!!
  21. How do you determine which family gets which puppy? To what extent is this based on temperament?
    I assess each family first by the submission of a puppy application. Secondly, I meet the family and expose them to the litter of puppies. Upon seeing the interactions of the family with the dogs, I note which of the puppies has a particular response either positive or negative, to the family. I take into account the preferences listed on the application and I try and match as closely as possible to ensure you have the perfect fit. I have been known to advise families that the puppy they think they want is not the one for them and send them home with a different puppy from the litter. My goal in advising on puppy placement is to ensure that each puppy lands in a the right home.
  22. Is the father on site?
    We own Whiskey, and so any breedings that he participates in, he will be on site to meet.
  23. Where are your dogs housed?
    We have a working farm and our dogs live the farm life. We have an outdoor home for them where they have their overnight kennels. During the days they spend their time with us! Our dogs are loved beyond measure and we take their training and health very seriously.
  24. Are you a member of the Canadian Kennel Club?
    I am not a member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Border Collies are registered through the Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA). For working dogs, this is the recognized and formal mode of registration. I am a lifelong member of the CBCA.
  25. How are you accommodating prospective puppy buyers to view the litter of puppies during COVID-19 restrictions?
    During COVID-19, I will not be entertaining house visits. I will be entertaining zoom calls and interviews one:one with approved applicants. Many meetings and discussions and depending on the geographic location of the approved applicant, a possible outside visit to ensure each family has correctly chosen their puppy and have a chance to introduce themselves to the puppy before taking the puppy home. Since this is a new situation to navigate, the process will be somewhat fluid and change as time goes along. Please be patient with me as I try to keep my farm, family and puppies safe and healthy.
  26. Do you have references?
    I have references from either veterinarians or puppy owners from previous litters which can be requested on the bottom of your application form.