Whiskey & Benelli’s First Litter


Meet the puppies from Whiskey and Benelli’s first litter together, born on January 31, 2020! These puppies were absolutely stunning and have become well-rounded, level-headed pups!

All the Puppy Cuteness!

~This post was written Back in 2020 just before these puppies went to their new homes:

We are just closing our chapter of birthing and raising our third litter here at Counting Sheep Kennels. These moments are always full of excitement, trepidation, hesitation, apprehension, love, and yes, of course, JOY!

I love raising border collie puppies! It is a huge responsibility and balancing the act to get them ready for their new homes. At our kennel we work hard at getting them hardy enough to withstand the pressures of life. To balance this the hardiness, I love and coddle them TONS so they know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much I love them!

Raising level-headed puppies:

We pride ourselves on exposing these puppies to many things to ensure they are well stimulated and level-headed. Raising Border Collies, this is especially important; don’t believe the stereotype that they are impossible pets! Puppies that breeders make sure to expose to many life stressors, balancing with extraordinary amounts of love and affection, produce very manageable pets. Besides, just ask me for recommendations for trainers to get yourself started in the right direction!

This litter of puppies out of Benellinova and Whiskey (born January 31, 2020) has been a true joy to birth and raise (just don’t ask Benelli’s opinion on the birthing part). Keep reading if you want to meet each of the puppies from this litter! Firstly, you can decide for yourself just how cute they all are! Secondly, get a boost to your day by checking out the photos below of our eight week old puppies! Finally, no judgement on the fence in the photos please! I am taking these photos by myself and since the puppies are moving around plenty, I came up with the idea to take the pictures through the fence to ensure everyone’s safety!

Photos of the Puppies


Meet Clover!!

This little lady is the only female in the litter. She is is a force to be reckoned with. Clover is first to the feed bowl, leads everyone into the fray (leaving no man behind) and insists on screaming at me when I ‘am not paying enough attention’ to her. This pup is honestly the biggest ham, instigator of fights and athletic beauty. She has a loving home where her adoptive big brother is also a border collie!

Border Collie Puppy

Meet Toby (new name is Riley)!!

This little man is one of the smallest size in the litter. He is a quiet sort of gentleman and has an old soul. Riley loves to be cuddled and snuggled and told just how handsome he is! Riley has a slight expression of the ticking gene and so will likely have many freckles as he gets older!

Border Collie Puppy

Meet Elvis!!

This little heartthrob stole the hearts of everyone who met him! (Even my mother in law who isn’t a dog person was tempted by his soulful eyes and gorgeous temperament). Elvis is confident, but laid back, excitable but levelheaded, gentle but full of play. Elvis has gone to live with his human brother who is thrilled to finally have a sibling!

Border Collie Puppy

Meet Diesel!!

You want looks? I’ve gottem!! Diesel is just a bundle of good dog. He will be moving to Nova Scotia where he will have lots of runs on the beach and in the forest too – this will suit his personality to a Tee!! Diesel likes to be involved in everything that is going on and loves a good tumble with his brothers. I will miss this lug so very much…

Border Collie Puppy

Meet Dexter!!

This guy…. he got stuck being born and his head was so big that we had to help Benelli out! That being said, it’s because this goof ball has brains! He is going to a family that has one of our previous puppies and will become a superstar agility dog! His parents are magnificent trainers and prove that if you work hard at learning something, you can do anything! Dexter is the perfect match for this incredible family!

Border Collie Puppy

Meet Bandit!!

Bandit is the first puppy that was born. He is the eldest and knows it! This toady will herd ANYTHING that moves and his favourite chew toy is the back of a leg as you are walking! He’s mischievous and clever and has great instinct. This gentleman is heading to a farm and his new mom plans to teach him sheep herding and agility! His new mom is an incredible fit for this active little guy and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish together as a team!

Honestly? I just can’t handle all the puppy cuteness. I can’t even think about how much I am going to miss these puppies!!! In addition, we are looking forward to everyone staying in touch with us so that we get to see these babies grow up! 

The Whole Litter!

Border Collie Litter
Whole Litter Jan 31, 2020

As they will all be dispersing to their new homes this weekend, I wish them all well and will love them to the very end. Furthermore, I will always be a forever home for each of my babies as they grow into amazing little dogs. Congratulations to Benelli and Whiskey on such BEAUTIFUL border collie puppies. 

To the new pup parents out there, enjoy these fun filled days ahead!

All the Best!


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